about me

Csaba Bardos

Animation Director - Production Supervisor


More than twenty years in animation industry I still have the motivation develop new ideas to making new animations.

At the beginning I was background painter in 'Mr. Bean' series, then 3D generalist on other series and feature films. After graduation as a film director I worked in full-length, animated feature 'Micropolis', made the award winning short film 'Albert' and other tv-series as well. I have been strengthened the team of Ionart Studio as animation director for ten years. In these  years I was involved in several animation-based commercial and we're developing our own IP 'poCats' tv-series for pre-school audience. In the last six years I directed some game cinematic to THQ Nordic, Innogames, Vertigo Games etc. and have been supervised the animation in live action productions like White Wall, Post Mortem, Black Spider.

Flexibility and the interest in all areas of animation are always help me to produce high quality animation production for all ages.